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Privacy Policy

Our objective at Healthcare Marketplace Florida, LLC is to safeguard your personal information. This Privacy Policy details how we will go about ensuring confidentiality and maintaining your privacy.

Healthcare Marketplace Florida, LLC (hereinafter “we” or “us”) controls the data we collect on our websites.

This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to:

This Privacy Policy is not applicable to:


We collect the information you provide when you request a price quote; the reason for this is to accommodate your request for products or services on our Sites. For instance, we may request that you submit your name, address, email, phone number, or other details so we can connect you with insurance agents who can offer a quote for their services.

We may also collect information including your gender and zip code, as well asother demographic information in addition to the personal information you provided. Your IP address is one such example; while some jurisdictions view it as personal information, we will only use it a) to pinpoint your geographic region or b) to ensure our legal compliance.

Please note that on some occasions we may receive your personal information from other sources, and that we may collect these details in addition to the information you already provided.


Your privacy is important to us. We will only share your personal information under these circumstances:

1. If you request a quote on the price of insurance or other products or services, we will share the details listed in your request form with third parties such as agents and carriers, lead aggregators, or other service providers. This information may include your name, phone number, email or postal address. Our sole reason for sharing this information is to process your request.

Please note that per our agreements, the third-party service providers in our network are required to secure any personal information we give them. Their ability to use this information is limited; while our agreements require these entities to abide by all federal, state, and local privacy regulations, the very act of requesting a quote indicates you understand these service providers may contact you through the following channels: by phone (including automated calls or recorded messages), mail, or email in accordance with the information you provided, with the sole purpose of processing your request. The same applies even if you are on the Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry or other opt-out mechanisms. If a third-party service provider contacts you and you would prefer that they refrain from doing so, you must request that they no longer communicate with you.Please keep in mind that the provider may keep the information you provided regardless of whether you decide to use their services.

2. We may share aggregated information—that is, information involving you and others collectively—as well as other non-personal or otherwise de-identified information we collect in collaboration with the service providers in our network. Our aim is to protect your anonymity while helping third parties communicate with their target audience.

3. We will share your personal information as required by law. Specifically, we may need to forward your information to government or law enforcement agencies in direct response to legal matters such as audits, subpoenas, or court orders. Please note that we will share your information only if it is deemed necessary for government or law enforcement officials to investigate or address suspected fraud, physical threats, violations of our Terms of Use, or other illicit activities.

4. In the event of a corporate transaction including but not limited to a sale, merger, or consolidation, our successor would be authorized to access any information in our possession. However, should a business transfer occur, the successor company would continue to comply with this Privacy Policy.


We use cookies and other tracking technologies to strengthen the performance of our Sites, and to serve our users and advertisers to the best of our abilities. Cookies allow us to collect information involving our users, including their browsing behavior, device type, and analytics. This allows us to see how users interact with our advertisers.

If you would prefer to opt out of using the cookies on our Sites, go to your browser settings and indicate that you would like to stop accepting cookies (or that you would like to be asked whether you want to use cookies with each Site visit rather than accept them automatically). Please note that certain components of our Sites may be limited if you refrain from accepting cookies.

Visitors from the European Economic Area (EEA) should note that Healthcare Marketplace Florida, LLC has decided to eliminate or limit the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. We made this decision in response to the outcome of the General Data Protection Regulation (GFPR) in the EEA.

This translates to the following:

This feature is enabled through the use of third-party tools that pinpoint your location. As such, if these tools state you are in the EEA, then we will use (or avoid using) cookies as though you are subject to the GDPR. If you believe you are subject to the GDPR and that we have used cookies without your consent—which could be linked to your use of a proxy server, the failure of a third-party geolocation tool, you’re not being located in the EEA at the time of your visit, or any other factor outside of our control—please contact us at Moving forward, we will make sure to treat your data as required under the GDPR.


By submitting your personal information, you are registering to receive communications from user from one of the third-party service providers in our network. If you submit your email address to be added to our mailing lists, please note that we will send you newsletters and other promotional communications. These emails will identify Healthcare Marketplace Florida, LLC or one of our branded Sites as the sender.

If you would like to stop receiving these emails, please opt out by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in our emails. You may also contact our Customer Care department at to opt out of these communications.


Although we manage our own policies and mailing list, third-party providers that maintain mailing lists of their own may advertise our services in their communications. If you submit your personal information to a third-party service provider in our network, your details will be subject to that provider’s Privacy Policy rather than ours. Contact the third-party service provider directly if you wish to be removed from their mailing list.


Your security is our top priority. Accordingly, we take the following measures to protect your personal information:


While this Privacy Policy applies to all the personal information you submit to us, please note that when you visit the third-party links from our Sites, you are interacting with other entities that have their own policies and security measures in place.

In the event that you seek to use services offered by a third-party service provider, the data collected by that entity will fall under the jurisdiction of the terms detailed in the provider’s policy. All third-party websites should have specific policies regarding the use of tracking technologies such as cookies.Please review the policies of the third-party service providers with whom you interact.


To use this website, you must be 18 years of age or older. Please note that we do not actively collect or use personal information belonging to visitors under the age of 18. Minors should use the services available on our Sites only under the supervision of their parents or guardians. We encourage users to review our Terms of Use for more detailed information on how we strive to protect children’s privacy.


Submit a written request to receive a summary of all the personal information we have collected on you. Please note that we will only send your records to the email or postal address we have on file for you (that is, the email or postal address you submitted). Please email your request to access, change, or remove your personal information from our records to our Data Protection Officer at We will ask that you prove your identity to us before we forward any information we have on file regarding your person.


Up to once each calendar year, California residents who visit our Sites may request information on the way in which we disclose specific categories of personal information to third-party service providers for advertising purposes. Valid requests must be sent to Within 30 days of receiving your request, we will forward you a list of the categories of personal information we have disclosed to third-party sources for advertising purposes in the most recent calendar year. The list will include the names and addresses of the corresponding third parties.


This Privacy Policy details the way in which we collect the personal information of the United States residents who visit our Sites. Please note that the data protection laws in the United States might be different than those in your own country. As such, by visiting our Sites, you acknowledge that you agree to this Privacy Policy. You also consent—regardless of the data protection laws in your own country of residence—to having your information forwarded to our facilities or to the third-party service providers in our network as described in this Privacy Policy.

We will comply with the laws of jurisdictions outside the United States should they apply to your personal information when you use our Sites.


Please send any questions or feedback on this Privacy Policy to us via email at You may also mail your questions or feedback to the following postal address: Healthcare Marketplace Florida, LLC. 3825 Henderson Blvd #603 Tampa, FL 33629


We have the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time we decide. Should we change the way we collect or use your personal information, or should any material changes arise, we will post about the updates on the Sites.

That said, it is your responsibility to consult this Privacy Policy each time you use our Sites to ensure you are informed of our most current policies and practices. If we don’t receive communication in writing from you indicating that you do not agree to the changes we have made, your ongoing use of our Sites means you agree to the updates. This Privacy Policy will always list the date the content was last updated for your reference.


By visiting this Site, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms detailed in this Privacy Policy. Please refrain from using our Sites if you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Updated September 2018